Ringmead Medical Practice

Postal Address - Ringmead Medical Practice, Birch Hill Medical Centre, Leppington, Bracknell, RG12 7WW

Sites - Birch Hill Medical Centre, Great Hollands Health Centre and Crowthorne Surgery

PCN - The Health Triangle

Telephone: 01344 20 80 60

Teaching Practice

Medical Students

The first stage in becoming a doctor involves 5 years of University Education where a student learns about all aspects of medicine and clinical practice. During their training students undertake placements in GP Practices where they gain knowledge of how General Practice works.

Ringmead Medical Practice has medical students throughout the year. The students who are mainly but not exclusively from Southampton University, who are in the practice for a period of approximately up to 4-6 weeks at a time. They have not yet qualified as doctors, and so will not make decisions about your diagnosis and treatment without a qualified doctor being present.

With the patient’s consent students may sit in on consultations with the GP or nurse to learn about general practice.

You may be asked to consult with medical student before you see your GP. As they are training, and as part of their education, we may ask you to allow a student to discuss your medical history or problems with you, or examine you either observed by or then discussed with the GP.

If you agree to see a medical student first, you will be assisting with their training and your cooperation will be appreciated. However the choice is yours and you do not need to have a consultation with a medical student if you prefer not to.

Foundation Year Doctor

We are also a training practice for Foundation Year doctors. FY2 doctors are in their second year post qualification and are required to spend 4 months in General Practice as a part of their post qualification experience.

We also train Specialist Trainee doctors (ST2 or ST3) in their second or final year of specialist GP training

They are qualified doctors and you can consult with them as you would with any of the other doctors in the practice. FY and ST doctors have full access to your medical notes and they are supervised at all surgeries by one of our regular doctors.

We hope that you will help with the doctor training by agreeing to consult with a FY2 or ST doctor if an appointment is offered to you. However, if for any reason you would prefer not to see them please make the receptionist aware when you make an appointment.