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Changes to the phone system...

Dated: 3-Aug-16

When you call the Practice you will notice you no longer have to select which site you would like to speak to. With a lot of research we found that the time spent in the “cloud” once you had requested Birch Hill or Great Hollands meant you then had to start the queue again to make your selections for appointments, prescriptions etc. This original design meant Ringmead received many complaints and frustrations about the phone system from our patients and colleagues alike.

Despite raising an official complaint to our phone provider in October 2015, which prompted an engineer visit and a proposed solution, and subsequent conversations with their managing director, finally we can announce this solution.

It would appear the frustration was “the cloud” whereby you would be waiting to select the site and then joining another queue to choose your selection. Once there a combination of system set up and user training, meant many calls would go unanswered (or people would give up trying).

From Friday 29th July – when you call the Practice you will hear the following options:


  • Option 1 Appointments -  rings at both sites
  • Option 2 Scripts
    • sub option 1 - Birch Hill between 9am and 12pm
    • sub option 2 - Great Hollands between 9am and 12pm
  • Option 3 Results – rings at both sites
  • Option 4 Insurance – connects to our clerk at Great Hollands  
  • Option 5 Referrals – connects to our referrals team based at Great Hollands
  • Option 6 All Other Enquiries – rings at both sites

Our appointment team have access to the whole appointment book so they can all help you which ever site they are working from. If you wish to feedback about any aspect of this – please do not hesitate to contact us at ringmeadmedicalpractice@nhs.net.

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