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Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 6.30pm

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Minor Surgery

We can provide many minor surgical procedures such as the excision of simple lumps, bumps and other skin lesions. These are carried out in our well-equipped Treatment Room at Birch Hill Medical Centre by several of our doctors.

With our facilities and skill set, we also provide this service to patients of other practices within the local area.

In accordance with NHS guidelines, the service is intended for symptomatic (eg painful, infected, bleeding) small lumps/ bumps/ skin. Unfortunately we are not able to offer removal of lumps and bumps for purely cosmetic reasons.

Appropriate conditions

Sebaceous cysts, skin tags, lipomas (fatty lumps), in-growing toe nails and any benign lumps/ bumps causing symptoms.

Inappropriate conditions

Any condition that is purely cosmetic. Anything that could be cancerous (these should always be referred to hospital)

What to do if you would like a lump/ bump removed?

Please ask your GP at your next routine appointment.