Ringmead Medical Practice

Postal Address - Ringmead Medical Practice, Birch Hill Medical Centre, Leppington, Bracknell, RG12 7WW

Sites - Birch Hill Medical Centre, Great Hollands Health Centre and Crowthorne Surgery

PCN - The Health Triangle

Telephone: 01344 20 80 60

Surgery Clinics

Antenatal Clinic

If you are planning a pregnancy, please visit the Diet and Lifestyle during Pregnancy page on the Patient.info website.

If your home pregnancy test is positive, then please call the surgery and arrange an appointment with the midwife.

Useful information is available on the Pregnancy page on the patient.info website.

The antenatal clinic is run in collaboration with the community midwives.

Asthma Clinic

Clinics run by the practice asthma nurse.

Blood Pressure Testing

This test is available with the health care assistant, practice nurses or a doctor on request.

Blood Tests

We have a limited number of blood testing appointments available and would like to let you know about the options available to you locally.

If Your Hospital Consultant Requested the Blood Test

You will need to organise for this to be done at the hospital so they can view your results- this helps speed up your treatment.

Information on current times
If your GP has Requested the Blood Test

We can organise for you to have this done on a Saturday morning, 08:15 to 10:30 at the Berkshire Primary Care Ltd clinic at Boundary House Surgery, Bracknell RG12 9PG. Please ask our reception to book this for you.

Blood Tests – Under 16’s

If you are under 16 we are unable to carry out your blood test. Please note that children aged 7 and above are bled in all local hospital phlebotomy clinics. Please visit one of the locations listed below. If under 7 you will need to visit the dedicated clinic at:

  • Wexham Park Hospital children’s clinic (Ward 24)
    Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 09:15
  • Heatherwood Hospital (Appointments only)
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 08:00 – 16:00

To book an appointment please call 01344 877108.


Access to information, emotional support, financial support, advocacy and opportunities to take a break can help manage the impact of caring on the lives on carers. That’s where Signal 4 Carers steps in – to help carers find their way around the system and access the support that is available.

Cervical Smears

Available with the Practice Nurses for all patients aged 25 to 64 years (25 to 49 years every 3 years, and 50 to 64 years every 5 years) by appointment.

Child Health Checks

The first baby examination is performed by the doctor at around 8 weeks from birth. Please ensure you make an appointment for this examination and do bring with you the baby’s ‘Red Book’.

Subsequent baby check-ups will be performed by the health visitors.

Child Immunisation Clinics

Dedicated clinics are held at all three of our sites.

The first baby immunisations are due at the age of 8 weeks after the 8 week check has been done.

For more information about the ages that vaccines should be given, and the diseases they protect against visit the NHS Immunisation page.

More Information:


  • Oral and Injectable Contraception: All doctors and specialist nurses provide this service.
  • Coils (IUD/IUS) and The Contraception Implant (Nexplanon): Please ask the receptionist which doctor can offer this service for you.

See below for more information on different types of contraception:

Diabetes Clinic

Appointments can be made by arrangement. Some are in association with the chiropodist, dietician and specialist nurse.

Diabetic Eye Screening

Key Facts
  • All people with diabetes are at risk of getting diabetic retinopathy
  • Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of sight loss in people of working age
  • Diabetic retinopathy may not cause symptoms until it is quite advanced which is why screening is so important
What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is caused when diabetes affects the small blood vessels in the retina, the part of the eye that acts rather like a film in a camera.

Diabetic retinopathy progresses with time but may not cause symptoms until it is quite advanced and close to affecting a person’s sight.

What is Screening?

Screening is a process of identifying apparently healthy people who may be at increased risk of a disease or condition. They can then be offered information, further tests and appropriate treatment to reduce their risk and/or any complications arising from the disease or condition.

To arrange an appointment with the eye screening service please contact:

If you would like any further information regarding the NHS Eye Screening Programme please visit:


The Health Care Assistant or nurse can carry out ECGs (Electronic Heart Trace) or 24 hour ECG monitoring if required by your doctor.

Health Visitors’ Advisory Clinics

By arrangement only. For details please contact your Health Visitor at the Great Hollands Health Centre.

Direct line: 01344 317031

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention

Patients are invited to attend this clinic run by the practice nurse.

Medical Research

You should be aware that we are part of the Medical Research Council (MRC) General Practice Research Framework (GPRF).

If the practice takes part in research, we may pass on anonymised information from your medical records or our practice computer, to researchers co-ordinating the study. The information will not be able to be linked back to you and will only be used for research that has been approved by an ethics committee. We may write to ask whether you or your children, would consider helping us with research. If we contact you, you are free to refuse to help, without it affecting your medical care in any way.

If you do not wish to be contacted or allow anonymised information from your notes or your children’s, included in any research, please write and inform the practice manager. This will not affect the care that you receive from the practice in any way.

Previous Studies

Previous studies have included research into:

  • Thrombosis prevention
  • Intermittent claudication
  • Back pain treatments
  • Weight reduction
  • Smoking cessation
  • Depression
  • Glue ear in children
  • Asthma and Dust mite allergy
  • Flu surveys
  • Deep vein thrombosis in travel
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting in the community

NHS Health Check

You will be invited for an NHS Health Check every five years if you are between 40 and 74 years old, as long as you don’t have an existing vascular condition.

For more information visit the NHS Choices website

Minor Surgery

We can provide many minor surgical procedures such as the excision of simple lumps, bumps and other skin lesions. These are carried out in our well-equipped Treatment Room at Birch Hill Medical Centre by several of our doctors.

With our facilities and skill set, we also provide this service to patients of other practices within the local area.

In accordance with NHS guidelines, the service is intended for symptomatic (eg painful, infected, bleeding) small lumps/ bumps/ skin. Unfortunately we are not able to offer removal of lumps and bumps for purely cosmetic reasons.

Appropriate Conditions
  • Sebaceous cysts
  • skin tags
  • lipomas (fatty lumps)
  • in-growing toe nails
  • any benign lumps/ bumps causing symptoms
Inappropriate Conditions
  • Any condition that is purely cosmetic
  • Anything that could be cancerous (these should always be referred to hospital)
What to Do if You Would Like a Lump/ Bump Removed?

Please ask your GP at your next routine appointment.

New Patient Examinations

All new patients over 5 years of age, are offered a special check-up with the health care assistant or practice nurse.

Sickness Certificate

You do not require a sickness certificate for any illness lasting 7 days or less (including weekends). Your employer may, however, require you to complete a self certification form which is available from your employer or from Social Services or the Post Office. For any illness lasting more than 7 days, you will need to speak to a doctor to obtain a sickness certificate.

Private certificates covering any period are available from the doctor and a standard charge will be made, as these are outside the NHS responsibilities for certification.

Stop Smoking Service

Want to stop smoking?

Find out practical, quick and simple steps you can take now to quit successfully.

People who live in the Bracknell Forest area who want to stop smoking can visit the Bracknell Forest Council Public Health Portal site to find information on how to stop smoking and register for support services.