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Sites - Birch Hill Medical Centre, Great Hollands Health Centre and Crowthorne Surgery

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Repeat Prescriptions

If you want to order your prescriptions online – you need to sign up to our patient access service by using the link below, or download one of the available apps for patients eg: NHS App or MyGP.

Understanding Repeat Prescriptions

What is a repeat prescription?

A repeat prescription is a prescription whereby you can obtain further supplies of your medication without having to see your doctor.

Patients on repeat medication may be asked to see either a doctor or practice nurse at least once a year to review these regular medications. Depending on the type of medication you are taking, you may be requested to undertake blood tests or examinations such as a blood pressure may be required.

What medication can I get on my repeat prescription?

Only your doctor (or an independent prescriber such as a nurse practitioner) can decide whether you can have a medication on repeat prescription and how long for.

This may include medication that you need regularly or for a long period and that your doctor thinks is safe for you to take without being seen for every request.

Most medication that is needed for short course treatments would not be repeat medication. Also, when you start on new medication, your doctor needs to keep an eye on you to see if the drugs make you better or worse, before deciding on whether to make it a repeat medication.

What are the advantages of having a repeat prescription?

It is more convenient for you and allows you to participate actively in your treatment. It frees up time for your doctor to see people. This means that when you need your medication you simply re-order it from the surgery without a doctor’s appointment.

The majority of prescriptions, once processed, will be signed electronically and sent directly to your nominated pharmacy for you to collect. If you do not have a nominated pharmacy, you will receive a barcode (either via a token prescription or as a text message) which allows you to then collect your medication from any pharmacy of your choice.

How do I re-order my repeat medication?

You can request your repeat medication in the following ways:

Perhaps the easiest and safest way to order your repeat medication is online using the NHS App or Patient Access. These services provides you with a list of medication currently on repeat and can send your request direct to our clinical system. There is also the option of leaving a message for the doctor to let them know how you are getting on or to ask for a change in dose/frequency etc.

  • In person, on paper, preferably by using the tear-off slip on the right side of the prescription indicating clearly the items you require (at all sites we have a secure letter box at the entrance as well as a post box by the reception desk.)

Each time a prescription is issued to you, a counterfoil is printed by your Pharmacist which lists all the medications you currently have on repeat. Tick the medications that you require and either hand the counterfoil to the surgery staff, or deposit it at the prescription collection box at the reception counter. If the Surgery is closed a secure letterbox is situated next to the front door and this will be dealt with on the next working day

We cannot accept telephone requests for repeat prescriptions.

How long do I have to wait to collect my prescription?

Please allow at least 48 hours (2 working days) for your request to be processed at the Practice. If the medication needs reviewing by a doctor then this may take longer. Please ask the surgery staff for more details.

Please also allow extra time where possible for your pharmacy to also process your prescription, (some pharmacies offer a text service to notify you when your medication is ready for collection).

At what stage do I re-order my next repeat prescription?

Do not wait until you have run out of medicines. Usually when you have between 5 and 7 days left is a good time to put in a request. This gives enough time for collection from the surgery and dispensing at the pharmacy.

Please check the items carefully to ensure they are correct. You may add in writing any special requests for medication, such as medication which you may have been prescribed before but have not been authorised for repeat by your GP. Please note that requests for medication such as this take extra time to process as your GP will have to review if they are happy to prescribe the medication.