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Covid-19 Vaccine Trial

Dated: 26-Nov-20

You may have recently received a letter from us regarding a Covid-19 Vaccine trial – we thought we would give you some background as to why it was sent.

Ringmead Medical Practice is a research-ready practice and participates in many important national and local research studies. We are part of NIHR (National Institute for Health Research portfolio) who fund high quality research that benefits the NHS, public health & social care, provide learning and enabling researchers to tackle the complex health and care challenges of the future. Our practice is also an RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners) Surveillance Centre and is currently participating in Covid-19/flu swabbing studies as well the PRINCIPLE study to develop effective treatment for Covid-19 disease.

The Thames Valley NIHR team initially asked all the research-ready practices to participate in the Covid-19 Vaccine developmental study. We expressed an interest as this would benefit our patients as well as wider population and the NHS. At the end only Oxford GP practices were chosen as the study team are based in Oxford.

We were approached by Synexus who is conducting the same Covid-19 vaccine trial on behalf of Novovax and the practice felt this would benefit our patients. This same study is also happening at Oxford, but patients would have to travel to Oxford if they choose to participate. By partnering with Synexus, our patients have an opportunity to be involved in this important study locally, in Bracknell. Participation is completely voluntary. Ringmead Medical Practice has not given any personal details to third parties and letters to eligible patients were sent from Ringmead Medical Practice only.

For further information on patient participation please see NIHR website: Be Part of Research (nihr.ac.uk)

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