Ringmead Medical Practice

Postal Address - Ringmead Medical Practice, Birch Hill Medical Centre, Leppington, Bracknell, RG12 7WW

Sites - Birch Hill Medical Centre, Great Hollands Health Centre and Crowthorne Surgery

PCN - The Health Triangle

Telephone: 01344 20 80 60

Update on Birch Hill Vaccination Centre 08/06/2021

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

The Health Triangle PCN is now inviting all people over 18 years old who are registered with our member practices (Ringmead, Evergreen and Crownwood Medical Practices) for their Covid-19 vaccine.

All eligible patients between 18yrs – 39yrs will receive the Pfizer vaccine
Those aged over 40yrs will receive either the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine or Pfizer vaccine as per the availability on the day.

Due to the large number of patients we need to contact, we are sending text messages in “batches”. So you may not get your text this week but you should have heard by the end of the month. If we do not have a mobile phone number for you on our system, we will be try contacting you via landline phone.

Please note that the link we text you will remain valid until you book or cancel an appointment. Please keep checking the link if the date you want is not yet showing. If for any reason you decide not to have the vaccine please use the link to decline the invitation otherwise we will be trying to contact you by phone.

We are reliant our vaccine delivery dates so will be releasing appointments as soon as deliveries are confirmed. Please do keep checking the link as the dates will show as soon as they are released.

If you have recently changed your mobile phone number then please do send us an email with your details to baccg.ringmead.healthtriangle@nhs.net.