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Meningococcal B vaccine

Dated: 14-Apr-16

The NHS provides this vaccine free to all infants born after 1st May 2015.

Any child born before 1st May 2015 is not eligible to receive this vaccine on the NHS.

Currently there is a global shortage of Meningitis B vaccine (Bexsero). As a consquence of this, GP Practices and Private Clinics are unable to source the vaccine for children whose parents wish to pay privately for this vaccination.

Once vaccine supply is reinstated (currently expected in the summer), parents who wish to have their children vaccinated privately will be able to so. The frequent question we get is whether your GP practice will be able to carry out this private vaccination on your children registered with the Practice. Please note the following:

  • NHS regulations do not allow GPs to vaccinate privately their patients (in this case your child) and charge privately for the cost of the vaccine and administration.
  • GPs can only charge for a vaccine that is not available free on the NHS when such a vaccine is requested for travel abroad.
  • Once supplies are reinstated and provided your child will be travelling abroad, we will be able to vaccinate your child against meningococcal B infection but this will be private arrangement
  • We shall also be able to vaccinate privately any child that is not registered with The Ringmead Medical Practice whether the cild is travelling abroad or not.

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